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Aug 30 2017

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Sylvain Carpentier gets PhD during day and solos at night with Boston Pops

Graduate student Sylvain Carpentier has two big wardrobe changes on June 9. In the morning, he will receive his doctoral degree in mathematics. That evening, he will perform Frédéric Chopin’s Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brillante, Opus 22 on piano at Symphony Hall. “I think I will need a quiet afternoon to focus,” he says. In between piano practice, Carpentier has also been completing his dissertation on mathematical integrable systems.

Congratulations To Our New
PhDs in Mathematics!

Jerison, Staffiliani, French and Chu win MITx Prize for Teaching and Learning in MOOCs

David Jerison. Gigliola Staffiliani. Jennifer French. and Karene Chu are one of three winning groups of co-instructors honored by MIT’s Office of Digital Learning for its inaugural MITx Prize for Teaching and Learning in MOOCs (massive open online courses). They were honored for their significant contributions to MITx MOOC coursework offered on during the 2016 calendar year. The MITx Prize for Teaching and Learning recognizes educators who have devoted themselves to better engaging learners around the world through digital classrooms.

As part of their 18.01x Calculus Series, the team introduced a new sketch input tool and live-action videos while demonstrating what the review panel described as an “incredible level of commitment to course development and creating the best possible product.” The team drew content from Jerison’s 18.01 (Single Variable Calculus) course to serve as the base curriculum for 18.01x, then designed and built a highly interactive learning experience involving video, problems, text, and images.

At the May 19 MITx Significant Interest Group event, the team received a plaque, shared a $1,000 prize for an account of the faculty’s or department’s choosing, and will be MITx’s nominees for the edX Prize.

Congratulations David, Gigliola, Jennifer and Karene!

Charles W. and Jennifer C. Johnson Prize

Sylvain Carpentier and Graduate Chair Bill Minicozzi

Graduate student Sylvain Carpentier has been awarded the Charles W. and Jennifer C. Johnson Prize. This award is presented to a current MIT graduate student in the Department of Mathematics for a research paper accepted for publication in a major journal. Sylvain received the prize for his paper “A sufficient condition for a rational differential operator to generate an integrable system” in the Japanese Journal of Mathemtics. March 2017 issue (Vol. 12, no. 1).

Charles and Holly Housman Teaching Awards

L-R: John Bush, Ben Housman, Gus Lonergan, Jonasz Slomka, Lucas Tambasco, Tom Mrowka, Charles and Holly Housman

Graduate students Gus Lonergan. Jonasz Slomka and Lucas Tambasco have each been awarded the Charles and Holly Housman Award for excellence in teaching. This award is presented to graduate students in Mathematics for skill and dedication in undergraduate teaching.

Congratulations Gus, Jonasz, and Lucas!

Jon A. Bucsela Prize

Yibo Gao has received the 2017 Jon A. Bucsela Prize in Mathematics for distinguished scholastic achievement, professional promise, and enthusiasm for mathematics.

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